I think I'm so worn out and exhausted

I’m tired. So tired.

My MD is taking a toll on me. I am so exhausted. My body hurts so so much. I just want to break down and cry. I want to cry all day but I have no one to cry with.

It’s so exhausting.

My legs are atrophying and I’m so tired all the time.

I’m just so worn out right now and I could use support…

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I understand this. I’m just keeping it together for my kids. Life is very tiresome

Maybe you need to cut back on your meds?

Eat well and exercise some. Walk a lot if possible. Try the Esselstyn or the Starch Solution diet.

I’m doing the Starch Solution diet and drinking lots of alkaline water, and my chronic headache is finally going away. I feel like I’m getting a second wind at life.

I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine the struggle with MD. Do you use a wheelchair? Would giving your body a break from the effort it takes just to e walk around help? Or would that just lead to faster atrophy? I know for me it really helps to use my wheelchair on my bad days. Otherwise I’m useless the rest of the day just from checking the mail.

It sounds like a terrible thing to have to deal with, but I hope you find ways to get out, maybe even with a cane or a walker. Don’t give up!

@FatMama I hear you…I hope you are feeling okay also.
@martinhersey I already have. I really need my meds, however, because it keeps me less tired.
@naturallycured Thank you. I’ll see if I can do the diet. However, my disease is chronic so I am not sure if the diet will help me. But I will think of trying this one nonetheless.
@LED I don’t know. Doctor knows nothing about my condition. I can’t walk today because rain is pouring down so hard. The dogs were really wanting to walk, too. My mom cries when she talks about my wheelchair years so wheelchair is out of the option.
@tukey Thank you. I might need a cane, not sure.

Anyway folks, I’m so tired today. I just want to pass out and sleep for a bit but I’ve got an exam on the 15th. So exhausted. I’m so done with my life. I just hate myself overall and I just don’t know what I can do to become a better daughter to be honest


You don’t need to be a better daughter. You’re wonderful. It sounds like you’re putting a lot of your self worth on how your mom sees you. But you need to live for YOU!

Please hold on @laetitia.
Don’t give up!

I know, but I just love my family. We had talks of “other children are going to school and uni but my children are sick etc…”
So I don’t know… I think I failed. I just want to burn all of my pictures and my belongings.

Thank you…I need to manage this pain before it turns into hatred against myself.


Why are you treating life like a race? You only have to deal with your own conscience at the end of the day.

As long as your kids are happy, you should be at ease. Try to curb their high expectations if they have those.

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