I think I might go to the beach this weekend

I might go to the beach this weekend. I’m sick of hanging out with my parents. I would rather go to the beach with a friend. I don’t know yet. I’m trying to decide. Another reason why is because I get bored at the beach as well. What do you think I should do? Go to the beach or not go to the beach.

Not sure where you are but most places have closed the beaches and want people to stay home


Yeah, I think you are right about the beaches…but we can stay in and go to the pool.

Shiit, me too lol

Ha - Ive got the beach outside my window. Still a couple of people walking on the promanade. Dead here, now the butlins resort has closed.

I still go down to see the sunrise tho with a paper in the morning.

I decided not to go to the beach, because I can’t drive around. Also we don’t have the internet at the beach.

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