I think I either have bipolar or depression only,'not schiz

How many people can go into remission after their first episode for 6 years.

Well, you’re recovery oriented. So it’s natural for you not to relapse if you take your meds and are responsible for your actions to yourself.

It’s also natural to doubt your diagnosis, but don’t try and quit your meds again. Please!

With my dad going through a tough time I’m not going to quit my meds for if I do my mum will have to care for 3people together. Can’t do that to her.

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If you have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,this what we call it schizoaffective disorder. You have to visit the psychiatrist and tell your concern to him.:slight_smile:

Actually, having schizophrenia and comorbid bipolar is not necessarily the same as having schizoaffective. I am not an expert so I don’t know a lot about it, but I have sz and possibly comorbid bipolar 2 but not schizoaffective. They were very clear on the not schizoaffective part and the possibility of comorbid bipolar.

From what I remember, @anon80629714 has schizoaffective diagnosis.

Recovery is possible. I was cured of schizophrenia in 8 years and of schizoaffective in a further 22 years. Or at least my diagnosis changed several times. Then again perhaps the pdocs, not being the brightest of sorts, royally phucked up.

Thank you treebeard ,
Actually when schizophrenia accompanied by depression or mania it is hard to tell either that is negative symptoms of schizophrenia ,sedation and drowsiness due to drugs ,schizophrenia with comorbidity(depression or mania)or schizoaffective disorder.
There is big debate about that until now.
It is obscured area in the matter of diagnosis.

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I went into remission for five years after stopping my meds. But it came back and never left since. Have to stay on meds to cope.

@anon80629714 - Please try not to focus on your diagnosis so much.

Psychiatrists dont get it just right all of the time, plus the diagnostic system is not clear cut.

Every singe psychiatrist Ive seen have been confused over my diagnosis.

They are torn between bipolar and schizoaffective - My current psychiatrist tells me that I basically display schizoaffective and bipolar symptoms, as far as Im concerned I have both schizoaffective and bipolar.

All I do know is that no matter what my exact diagnosis is, I will have to be on an Antipsychotic for the rest of my life according to my current pdoc.

Lets say that you do have bipolar, you may still need to be on an antipsychotic.

People with bipolar can Hallucinate and have Delusions as well.

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