I think amuilispride is making me worse

Iv tried every antisycotic and they all made me worse.what should i do

Its not working for your positive symptoms?

Kind of .im not sure what the problem.my life is not moving foward.im not improving.like i mean psychological.i forget everything.i talk and move mechanically.

But do you have paranoia, delusions or hallucinations? Meds don’t work for other symptoms. Maybe try Abilify, Rexulti or Vraylar like me?

I am waiting for Vraylar, it will be out here end of this year.

and here on this website,no give a …they talk amongst themselves.

I have no life to talk about, I mostly talk about my schizophrenia symptoms. But I don’t mind reading their stuff sometimes.

but isn’t vryalar similar to respiridone.cause if it is iv tried resperidone.it bloody nearly killed me.

No its different. Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar are different from all others. They’re partial dopamine antagonists while others are full dopamine antagonists.

yeah im like you i read stuff here.im forgetting stuff,no wonder i dont have a life to talk about.

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ah ok thanx for that information.yeah,i have to get in contact with a psychiatrist.

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