I think a big part of my anxiety is about my car

It’s been snowed under since Sunday and I simply don’t have the strength to dig it out. I had to rely on others for a trip to the store and waiting for them to finish their shopping was easier than I thought. I was in a bad car accident when I was a teen, and I think I still don’t like to drive because of it.

Driving causes me a lot of anxiety as well. I hate taking the freeway–I’m always afraid to merge when I get on. That and my car is eighteen years old. And I refuse to drive in snow or ice.

Give some neighborhood kid $5.00 to dig it out for you.

I hate snow and ice…i also hate driving. I only feel up to driving if I have had enough caffeine or it feels like a suicide mission to even go to the local gas station. When I take preworkout supplements (contain alot of caffeine) I have the energy to drive to and from the gym and they also make me feel less depressed. I often enjoy myself the days I take my supplements and workout, but when I don’t i feel rather depressed. Makes sense, preworkout supplements are loaded with vitamins and stimulants, they make you feel very energetic.

But yeah like nick77 said, pay someone to do the job…Or drink like 2 coffees and go at it with a shovel, lol

I’m not that keen on snow and ice. I do drive in it because it’s a suicide mission to let my sis drive in it. She is positively GIDDY about snow every time it happens. It’s like a manic high for her. She tries to do doughnuts on icy roads where ever she can. “Spin Cycle” is her favorite game on an icy morning.
I drive and keep the car on the road. She and my youngest brother are both manic nut jobs about ice driving. They once crashed their car’s into each other one icy morning at 3:00 a.m. trying to do doughnuts on deserted roads. Her monster old station wagon survived better.

We don’t have ice or snow where I come from so I would probably get majorly manic too, though I would be more likely to lay down flap my arms around and make angels! Cold cold ice yeay,


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