I tested Negative for Covid

I tested Negative for Covid today but after 15 days my father tested Positive.

I think that Covid hit him a bit harder.


Glad your negative. Hope your father gets better soon.

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<3 Hope your father will get better soon.

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Thanks @Fanny_Longbottom @LunaNoir
I was told that usually after 10 days with Covid you are no longer contagious but you may still test positive even months after first symptoms show up.


Glad you are doing ok…
Sorry, but is your father better a bit?

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He’s doing much better @anon42606141
I don’t think he’s contagious
His test just shows positive.
Although the Medical Center is not allowing him to come in tomorrow for his injection.

They told him to come in next Friday


Yes, it’s kinda strange to be positive so long.

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My cousin is a scientist, she told me this.

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I can’t wait for my 4th shot.
The vaccinations saved my life and my fathers life.

I basically survived Covid unscathed.

■■■■ this.


Glad you’re okay @Wave. Best wishes to your father.

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Thanks @eighteyedspy23

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