I tend to fantasise a lot!

I imagine myself being a genius book writer. More talented than J. K. Rowling. I sit for hours imagining all these different scenarios. do you think this is unhealthy?


I do the same sometimes :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile: I have several scenarios which about I fantasise the most…

Idk if it’s unhealthy. Fantasy is good by itself, but I believe it’s not good to spend too much time on fantasising. Better to do some actual stuff for reaching a dream :slight_smile:

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I fantasize about being a famous photographer some day. I think these types of fantasies are normal.


I do the same. Ive gotten in the habit to mostly only do it now before bed.

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No I don’t think it’s unhealthy if it’s fades and temporary, read cbt books you will understand more about all kinds of thinking

I think a healthy imagination is good

I used to fantasize about winning the lottery and how I would split it with my family and then become a great philanthropist. I fantasized for a long time about that but it became bad for my mental health because I would fantasize for half an hour a day and think what a great guy I was but I had not actually done anything. It was weird.

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I do it too, as an economics student i fantisized i can win a nobel prize bc of an idea for it. And now, as a astrophysics student, again, the end goal is the Nobel Prize. I feel ashamed i fantasise it because im not good enough regardless of how much I may like to win one - the money is the exact amount i need to buy an apartment complex my grandfather built when he was alive in his native. The real estate will be worth a lot in a future market

Im glad others do the same, i think its sz related in some ways

Maybe im weird but I use fantasy to release how i feel. Say i feel like walking death, in my “fantasy” i will just lay down and not move. Whatever negative feeling i have i express in fantasy. Maybe thats weird but I don’t make myself a winner or a better version or something. I can tell how im feeling based on what i imagine. Feelings i might not even know i have while “awake”. As a result most my fantasies are “negative”. Helpful tho. Theyre a release. When im ready to go to sleep i imagine my fantisized self falling asleep. Then i fall asleep.

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