I stoped halodol depot injection?

First i had anxiety
Now i feel better i take pimozide instead of injection
I had hyperthermia now i have less hyperthermia
Anyway drugs are better than psychosis "black hole"
I ll take it again if needed
Any similar experiences ?

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You are taking tablets? Better than injections I think.

I just want to be clear to everybody that is in your opinion. A couple of us on the forums prefer injections. Some even believe it causes less side effects. IN MY OPINION, injections are the way to go.


Yeah it’s my opinion. I think everyone knows that.

Yes…orap forte

What does “orap forte” mean?

Brand i take ap called pimozide

True. I just can’t stress enough how big of a blessing injections have been on my life.

My mother takes an injection and it works well for her. They work. I was forced to get an injection for a long time, so I don’t like them. I will only take tablets now.

Makes sense. It’s kinda like the fact that some medications work for some and not others. The injection works for some and not others. People just gotta find what works for them.


OK I thought it was the brand name.