I still don't accept sz as the diagnosis

I don’t think I will ever accept any diagnosis. It’s just the way it is and always will be. They all say different things, and it keeps changing constantly.

First psychosis: 2010
Second one in 2020 because I came of antipsychotics and went on an antidepressant on its own. Had they not messed with what was working for me, I wouldn’t have had the other episode.

How. have I gone 14 years with only two episodes, is that even possible with sz.

Outside the psychosis I struggle huge amounts with anxiety and possibly depression. But I don’t have psychosis when I am on meds.


It’s your life. You dont have to accept it. As long as you know what works for you and yours…the word doesn’t matter. It’s just a word. Nobody really knows what psychosis is. :woman_shrugging:

I reject the way psychiatry diagnoses people. And so do quite some leading psychiatrists. There’s even a debate here to cancel the schizophrenia diagnosis. A leading psychiatrist here started a website called “schizophrenia does not exist”.

Some reject the complete DSM. Some propose seeing it all as a psychotic sensitivity spectrum…with people just being lesser sensitive to more sensitive to psychosis…for a variety of reasons. Some have other ideas.

You are free to see it however you want. As long as you stick to what works. :slight_smile:


I’m in denial too.


You can have Schizophrenia and anxiety disorder.

If medication manages your symptoms so well, I can see why you think you might not have schizophrenia. But, from your history, when you are off meds, you have episodes.

Forget the label, and work on your anxiety and depression. If you are being reaccessed, you maybe schizoaffective and need medication that help with both.

And somehow manage your anxiety. My anxiety is very bad I have a separate diagnosis for, GAD.


I’ve had schizophrenia for 21 years and have only had two major breaks. My first one before treatment, and a second from drugs. I used to get off my meds constantly though and would experience intense symptoms. I wanted to deal with schizophrenia without meds. I hardly ever made it a week. I believe it’s normal for some people to not have psychotic breaks while medicated.


Yeah it’s hard to fit in sometimes but it’s all about function anyways. And meds if your multiepisodic. Like. If your function differs from the norm then your in the ball park so to speak. Jobs, Relationships…it can really be tough for some because your not with classic symptoms but your still struggling compared to most.

I realise it’s hard but the meds are working so your probably sz. It’s a pretty broad brush these days as it’s all about treatment rather than labels. I guess they’d say undefined or something…that the meds work is a bonus.


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I don’t know what this means , " review the diagnosis " I guess it could go either way sz or something else. But I accept I had psychosis I guess thats all that matters to treat it.


I doubt a bit, that you have sz. But you struggle though too for real… I believe also, that you need some meds too…
In fact, one friend of my mom, had only anxiety and depression and she was put on zyprexa only for that even… Tbh, she wouldnt have done it without that…
We have issues, Milly and the meds help for real…
Ok, maybe listen to your pdocs mainly, but people are weak i find and its not a big deal that you need meds… Me, i struggle even on them still, we cant want it all i guess…
Big hug now, i know nothing tbh, but many are on meds, even not szs, its ok i find…
Happy new year!!!


Happy new year @Anna1 !!! :innocent: