I solute the Christ in you

i solute the Christ in you

what do i mean by this???

Maybe you mean what is Christ like about us?

may the love of God dream our souls salute in the day, night and twilight of the suns amidst the rivers flow as one

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Naught too Shabby Dude … ,

Work on Your FIngerpickin On Your Guitar Tho , , ,

Nvr Said it Before but Thus May Help … ,

Tha Way You Play Now Almost Sounds Robotic … ,

So Slow it Down Some , & Perhaps You Will Inspire Large Crowds of Onlookers As You Teach Out a Method of Playing What’s Usually Robotic , Into Something More Dream-Like … ,

You . Can . Do . it (!!!)

P.S. ,

e(Y)e Am Tie Red Yo Yo’s … … …

I’ve got no interest in critique bub. If the winds blew thru a mind of division it might sound like such

Soz to Inform You but , , ,

Well … ,

How Do e(Y)e Saye thus … (?) , , ,

“bub” “bro” “brah” , Are Well , … ,

Hmm … ,


Keep Practicing , You Shall Get There Soon Homie (!!!)

e(Y)e Salute tha Non Interest in Ya (!!!)

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I heard on some radio talk show someone say that the symbolism of the cross goes like this - the vertical part of the cross represents God and the horizontal - man. So when you stand with your arms out you show the meeting of the divine and human. What the cross represents. Or put another way Jesus was the was the meeting of divine + human, The cross symbol represents the Christ. So every human has in him something of the same. Some of my thinking -


I find the typo in the subject line amusing. A ‘solute’ is a substance dissolved in another substance known as a solvent.



You mean namaste ?

Maybe Christ is a energy source, Religion is a man a human writing a book then priest controling to set rules, then killing people, cause not believe in what they believe,its not faith, prove see investagate experience, then maybe not be a sceptic I absolute believe through my own eyes there is a energy source everything is alive, Idont need to prove myself so not give facts or prove, we have our own journey, but getting into religion, can we not be our own church inside, what is good is good and bad is bad,

We can’t even run g

(and tha young child wrote these words down in his/her notebook)

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Look back in history, how cruel religion is and now another relgion is beheading, the most horrific words could explain,the suffering, We are born we develop to the person we are, who are these religious people to judge we are not right for this earth, x

So I am saying if you are a good person and what ever you believe or sexuality, or wanting to learn Just be you, if someone judges you, cause of one a human made the rules, Would you want anything to do with a god that wants to hurt you, cause you love maybe same sex, or wanting to do drive, In 80s, in iraq everyone was dresed i jeans and tshirts women, then suddenly they had to cover up, its all man made go on your own journey, to experience,

Perfect Thread to Not Derail , , ,

Pretty Much Cause iz Already Suched and So Forth … ,

e(Y)e Usually Saye , “organized religion” … ,

and Then e(Y)e Wander Towards the Feeling , Emotional and (OR) Physical , (bathes (OR) showers) , Word of and itself , SPIRITUALITY … ,

" if you burn them altogether you get closer to the truth " … ,

Something L(Y)Ke thaz … ,

Curious and Such (???)

AC/DC - For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

Christ was crucified by humanity. It’s not my ambition or my duty to be crucified.

Hello @crimby , , ,

Jesus Christ Was Murdered (by) , Thee Officials Because He Healed and Helped tha Poor / Sick / Downtrodden and Such … ,

His Key to tha Heart of Existence is Help … ,


Forgiveness … ,

e(Y)e Honestly Don’t Know WHY Some of Us Aren’t Already there … ,

but Here We Are … ,

To Be an Honest Hardworking Individual Looking For Friendship in tha Nite of Fire and Brimstone … ,

Jesus is , and Will Always , Be There For You … ,

Spirituality isn’t About Gathering Pain For Forgiveness … ,

Believe What You Want … ,

Jus Know (as one with thus mental disorder would already know) , Speak From tha Heart NexXxt T(Y)me You Are Alone ,


Perhaps … ,

Someone Will Be Waiting For You … … …

I was thinking that a lot of Gods want a sacrafice.

Poeple used to sacrifice poeple to the Gods or a God.

Poeple were supposed to sacrifice animals properly to God.

It all depends on what book or writings you believe.

There are writings that say Christ was not crucified. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_view_of_Jesus'_death