I sm interested in law of attraction

i am interested in visualization, imagination, manifesting things, i want to manifest things with the power of thought, it would be nice to have better health, good job, nice relationships

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I was into Creative Visualization during my College years.
It’s a positive way of doing things.

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what is creative vizualization?

It’s a fancy word for Visualization.
Same thing basically

i whish i were more capable of visualizing things, i feel much better after good visualization,i feel like its real…i listen to shamanic drumming when visualizing, it puts me into a meditative state. i believe in creation with my mind

Yeah there are a lot of professional people that utilize Visualization techniques the night before a big presentation if they are working in the Business field.

Some pro Athletes use it before a big game, etc…

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i love to manifest my dream world… whre i want to live its awsome

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Law Of Attraction: like attracts like

Be careful which doors you open


The law of attraction says you attract what you are not what you want to manifest. To manifest good health, job and relationships, you first have to be healthy, employed, and in a relationship.

Sorry I have my sceptical hat on.


it’s not something that works like that if oyu are talking about the real concept… and that’s theoretical.

It’s being optimistic, staying positive and forward, and recognizing/finding opportunities without wussing out…

the only real part about it is the faith principle… it’s the same underlying phenomenon behind the power of faith in religion. Same effing thing 1 to 1…


In this case I believe in it.
Having used this thoroughly throughout my hair cutting days (as a worker) that relied on tips, I so can tell you this works.


I watched the law of attraction movie years back. Guess what? …it helped!

I decided to try positive thinking to get me outta a very bad situation that was lasting years. Well I got out of it by positive thinking and using the law of attraction.

I’m so glad I watched that movie now because I’m now happier. I stopped positive thinking a few years ago but I’m gonna do it again soon.

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It would be cool what you dream up appeared

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Be careful with this belief. It is great to realize that a positive attitude will help you be happier in life. But you won’t get the things you want just by wishing for them. You have to make a plan, and work hard to achieve your goals.


I believe that everything is created by my mind. If my mind woudnot exist nothing existed

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so spooky, you are created by my mind eh?

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In my reality i am created with my mind in your maybe with your mind , if i exist in your reality.