I slept well last night

I did not participate in any midsummer celebrations, but started sleeping as I usually does. Woke up in this morning quite late. I have noticed that the good sleep clears my mind and refreshes me. However I have also noticed over many years that I can not sleep without my meds, I suppose my brain chemistry has changed so. But anyway I slept well. I do not really have a bed, just a mattress on the floor as it has been for many years. I could get a bed, it is just 10 euros at one flea market, but I do not bother to do so. I am happy with my current sleeping arrangement. Do you have a bed?

I am so happy to have a real mattress to sleep on now in my own apartment, because I had been homeless and sleeping on the upper bunk of those tiny beds in the homeless shelter was not fun.

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Sleeping in my car was preferable to the homeless shelter, because it was more private and quiet and more comfortable than those tiny mattresses at the shelter. Last Fourth of July I slept in the WalMart parking lot and have a picture with the WalMart sign and fireworks in the background…lol

They probably did save your life! :smile:

Homeless WalMart 4th of July


That’s awful that they attacked you…and especially twice. They must have been on drugs. It was nice for the police and TV people to help you. :slight_smile:

What kind of adventures did you have when you were traveling the world?

A church seems like a safe place to sleep in the car.

I used to sleep on a futon for years, but I finally bought a base for it after some friends of mine had a bad mattress experience. They also had the mattress on the floor and after some months lifted it up and found all kinds of nasty bugs and mould and stuff underneath! Bit of a shock and not at all healthy. If you don’t want to waste money on a fancy base, you can just get some of those wooden pallets and drill a load of holes through them so the mattress can ventilate. If you’re a bit handy you can cut it to size, sandpaper it and varnish it. Otherwise at least strip the bedding off and stand it up against the wall to dry out for a day every week. You don’t want to end up breathing in mould spores. They can be really toxic.

Ok. So you knew that already! I thought I would roll up my futon every day in the traditional Japanese way but I turned out to be to lazy!