I slept for 14 hours

Still tired. I think the more I sleep the more tired I am. I need to sleep less and do more things


Too much sleep can actually make you tired, I used to do it on Clozapine all the time.

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Drink a few cups of coffee or vape to keep your day start,this is what I do when I drag going to work.My advice is for younger people with no heart issue

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I didn’t sleep for 36 hours and then slept 16 hours. My sleeping is crazy.

When I was on Geodon, I went 36-48 hours without sleep all the time. Then when I did sleep it was only for 4-6 hours at most. Sometimes it was only 2 hours. It was awful!

I do think sleeping too long can make you more tired. Lately I’ve been sleeping too much, like 12-14 hours. I think it’s the loxapine.

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