I seriously need to leave tgis website?

voices say to me we torture you becoz you r in scz.com and you r supposed to be schizophrenic so i think seriously to leave website
is it good idea?
my doctor didnt label me as schizophrenic but i have some symptoms like u

Last time I checked, anybody who is bat sh!t crazy is welcome on this forum.


You have SZ. Voices require treatment. They won’t stop just because you stop visiting a website.

I mean, you can try going away for a day even, see if they let up. They won’t.


I am sorry your voices are saying that. I will miss you if you go, but if you like I can suspend your account for a week, and you can see if that helps.


no i am fine
may be i go annonymous if they keep torturing me and say so

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This is how to go anonymized.

i am fine
i swear
they r embarassing me
to leave or keep torturing me
may be a good option to be anonymous in the future will be fine
otherwise keep suffering which i dont want

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Letting voices coerce you is a way to completely be dominated by them. They won’t stop there. I’m telling you.


Yup I fit the bill. And I have the dx to go with it.


Don’t allow them to get their foot in the door by making you do stuff. They won’t stop and they will become more controlling. I once climbed to the roof of a building because they said they’d stop if I did it. Spoiler: they didn’t stop; and I put myself in danger for nothing


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