I see nothing wrong with this post

Get out there and vote today

every vote matters

if you want gov to change, then exercise your right.

this is for U.S. members of this forum.


If elections could change anything, they would be illegal

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the issues are very divisive

this is how you get what is important to you

by voting them in or out

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I think your post should look more like this post:

So there.


I am the antipresident, antipope, antibuddha etc.
What am i? Seems i am anti just out of principal.
But why i am so lonely :grin:


Pixel, this happens to be very important

we as disabled individuals make up a large majority

and yet many don’t vote

then don’t complain.

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I know I for one in my rural town

want better mental health care

more options

maybe a waiver to go to a community center
and get outta the house more.

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I am about to go vote right now.

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Should I tell you ? I didn’t vote today. Only vote during presidential elections. Democrats were leading in the polls in my state last time I checked.

Don’t doubt it. Still plan to have a sense of humour about it.