Election Day!

Obviously, we can’t discuss who we are voting for. But don’t forget to get out and do it! Uber and Lyft offer reduced fare to and from polling places today. Go do your civic duty, Americans of the forum!


We have to deal with that crap in about a month. I reckon there will be a major problem resolving a hung parliament too.

yeah we had a local election today, but it was just city elections and we are outside of the city limits. so we couldn’t vote. I haven’t voted for years, but am thinking about it for the next election. im a believer in the saying “people vote with their feet”, and am thinking of moving somewhere I would enjoy more.

I’ll postal vote . There’s a very small chance it will be the result I want.

I am not American.

I voted early this afternoon; I put the sticker I was given for voting on my shirt and by the day’s end it had found its way into my hair. My brother had to point that out to me because no way would I have noticed on my own, my hair is so thick and much of it is not visible to me. :laughing:

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That’s cool about Uber and Lyft. I didn’t know the candidates this time but I wanted to vote for the proposals.

It’s voting time? For what? The midterms were last year.

I’m in CA now, my vote doesn’t really count because I’m pretty sure it’s a blue state anyway. It counted in VA, but I don’t live there anymore. It’s pretty well known as a swing state.

The electoral college makes things way too complicated if you ask me.

Local elections were this year.

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Ohhh yeah! There were local elections in VA but I missed the voting because I had already moved to CA. Our state legislature really needed my vote, too. I didn’t know local elections were synchronized, figured they were all kinda random.

I wanna take this time to say that during both last presidential elections I was institutionalized during voting day and wasn’t able to vote. It really upsets me, this time I’m gonna make sure to be not in the hospital during November, I really, really want to vote this time.

You can vote if you’re in a psychiatric hospital on Election Day:


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