I returned from the afterlife

I became a Buddhist monk for about six months. Wandering around after accidentally tripping into other dimensions happened, discovering the nature of science happened, and now this is happening.

Actually, no one would ever believe my story, but I have been feeling better and actively looking for work as a freelance writer.

Feels good.

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Welcome back and welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum. I’m interested in your story, if you are interested in sharing it :slight_smile:

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Did sz happen after the Buddhist monk thing?

Was your name Caine and did you wander around kicking everybody’s ass with your Kung Fu?

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I was prey to blue hair. Monks ar often tamed demonic personalities, or tamed angelic- I am both. It sucks. I went way too far and almost reached permanent enlightenment. Its a risky business, the whole spirituality game.

I was practically a budding clinical psychologist- I majored in it and murdered a BA w/thesis in it. Turns out if you run too much gas on Psi you end up a wandering monk, then back to where it all started.

Paint me like one of your…

Before. I entered remission then it came back when I went to work at a retreat. It wasnt a good environment for a warrior monk. Im not a monk anymore.