I refused service

some guy won $260 from the lottery room, and me being me, slow and not good at math, instead of counting his 20s back by 20s i went by 2s, and he FREAKED out at me, told me i need to learn how to count, i don’t know how to do my job, have i ever been to a bank. i finished counting out his money (my way :wink:) and told him i wasn’t gonna help him. he had the audacity to ask why.


Lol good on you. People are ridiculous. Reminds me of this


I picture that guy!!! Some people are ridiculous!!!


I would have tipped you, cause I would be happy I won the money, would not care how you counted it.

A young lady gave me the wrong lottery ticket, I wanted a ticket on the 1000 dollar a day for life one, I never said anything, thought later maybe it would win and I would have story to tell how I got the ticket, but no luck :sob:

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All you did was drop the place holding zero off the end…counting by 2 to reach 26 is the same as counting by 20s to reach 260…I drop end place holders when doing number stuff too…what a jackass…maybe he couldn’t count or read money amounts and he thought you were giving him 13…
2 note bills…lol


Best send me your money and I will count it for you properly, always willing to help :stuck_out_tongue:


Twas amazing with mathematics, and then, and then, faeries and anti-psychotics.

I could knock back six weeks worth of math in two weeks and ace that shitty little test.

But then, faeries and anti-psychotics, so you know how that goes.

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