I really dont want to take my medication anymore!

Im tired of taking it and the doctor said i would be on it my entire life.

Its such a drag having to focus my life around my medication.


■■■■ happens
You have to take medication
So some people can’t feed themselves
Some people are in wheelchair
Sorry to preach
Hope that you move through these feelings and start to get some enjoyment in life


Better than not having a life because you did something stupid while psychotic and not medicated.


Im suffereing i dont even feel real anymore !!

Then maybe it’s time for a medication adjustment. Are you in therapy? If not, maybe you should be.

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No im not i cant afford it

Well, can you afford to see your pdoc? If your meds aren’t working appropriately it’s time for an adjustment.

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Yes i get 12 sessions per year from what medical aid pays.

so i rather save them for pdoc. so i guess i see her


The worst thing for me about meds is they are so expensive. And they kill my physical sexual responses. Other than that they are ok. Its better to take them unless a pdoc says its ok to come off. Not worth it to land up in hospital again and make my loved ones sad…


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