I really cannot do this interview

I’m struggling to want to go. I’m just making excuses left right centre. But I booked a visit to see them before the interview so can check if it’s for me. I dont want to do it. I really dont.

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You can write reasons to go and not to go and compare…

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You can do whatever you want :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you expect us to encourage you to go, or not to go?

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I just want someone to tell me not to go :sob:

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So I wouldn’t feel so bad.

You know my opinion.
You won’t find peace as long as you put yourself in these situations.
You have the good fortune to be adept at hand crafts and drawing. Use these skills professionally.

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I agree with you although I change craft so quickly I never know what to do professionally. I just need to find my thing and stick with it.

What job is it 4

It’s at a hospital doing office work.

So go, nothing to bother around

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I changed my mind 40 mins before my last interview after I was not going to do it, but I did it, and been there two years

You never know how things will turn out

Was on the list waiting for a hospital bed. But somehow, got it

Don’t torture yourself. Leave the decision to the day and do what you think is right

Catstrophising is not productive! and that’s coming from me!


@Matthias sounds easy, but let me give you some context.
She’s been there before. By “there” I mean she’s already held several office jobs and it’s not her thing.
Add to it the long commute by train (90 minutes was it?)

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Yes its far but I don’t think it’s the commute holding me back. Its the nerves of the interview itself.

I’m not saying you not to go.
Again, you decide.

Just have a feeling of history going to repeat itself.

Late edit:
I work remotely because I have become socially awkward. It suits me best now.

I don’t want you to feel stressed out, dealing with people you barely know day in day out.

Maybe my advice is biased. Maybe we need to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations in order to keep the boat afloat…


I don’t know what to tell you. Give it a try, and if you don’t like it, bail out.

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At least try it, you can always say no

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Get up ! Show up ! and leave it to the past !