I realized me being vulnerable is just naive

I just left my support group because several people were annoyed by what I said.

I don’t want to be a harm to anyone who cares.

So I left and removed myself from the group because I can’t be of any good.

Maybe I’m too bipolar and extreme but I really hate annoying or harming others, even unintentionally.

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It’s not a crime to be annoying. They are a support group and are there to help.

On the basis of your posts it sounds like you could use the extra support.

I would give it another chance and not be so hard on yourself.


You yourself always come first.
Never sacrifice your priorities and personality for compromising social contacts.
I hope I could convey the meaning.
If you think something is true and you know it just act accordingly and never bother about the results

Remember that truth always wins

I’m extra annoying here too. I make repetitive posts.

They are a peer support group and some people were hurt by me. I can’t allow that.

I don’t condone verbal violence, even by me.


Oh my dear.
You are so much sweet to be annoying

You can’t be annoying
You are just pure heart
:heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse:

I feel you pretty well and I know for sure that you could be one of my best friends

It’s something you can work on.

Whenever you feel like being verbally violent try to get a hold on yourself.

I would see this support group as an opportunity for growth for everyone including you.

It’s just an obsessive thought.
Avoid it.

I can’t allow more people to be hurt by me.

My friends will eventually leave too. I know it. Just like rest of my friends because of my stupid mental health.

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Didn’t you tell your friends about your mental health challenges and they embraced you?

What a wonderful thing! Try to feel the appreciation for who you are from your friends.

I have had friends who embraced my mental health, but they all left when I moved here.

I’m just worried that it will be the same.

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You seem to be thinking in hyperbole

Happy cake day!

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I think I have some sort of attachment issue. I always fear people leaving but I hate people coming close to me. But I don’t have unstable relationships and does not qualify for bpd.

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Thanks @whirling-leaves !!!
It’s my birthday

Happy birthday!!

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