I quit smoking cigarettes 5 weeks ago and I still crave them every day

Previously when I’ve quit the cravings have gone away after a month, but that was back before I had sz. I’m starting to think it’s the illness that makes me want to smoke.

I overextended myself financially and quit basically because I couldn’t afford cigarettes. I’ll get paid in a few days and be back to normal, and I intend to stay a non smoker, but I’m super disappointed with how it’s turned out vs how I expected it to go in my head.


I quit smoking about fifteen years ago I think.

I had quit and failed a few times before then.

Sometimes I still get cravings and I love the smell of smoke.

My x smoked inside where we lived together and I still didn’t smoke.

My current boyfriend smokes too.

Was hoping to date someone who takes care of themselves and doesn’t smoke but he is a lovely guy so I take the bad with the good.


Previously, when I quit cold turkey, I remember that the cravings came and went for about a year. It’s not easy to quit, but 5 weeks means you have a terrific chance.

Definitely don’t smoke.


It takes as long as it takes to quit, i guess.

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I used the patch for a week then went cold turkey from there on.

It is nice to no longer get random stabbing pain in my lungs.


Every quit is different. If you go back, you may not be able to quit again.

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