I pray for a good day today

Seeing my friends, going out for coffee, maybe getting some gas, maybe buying some snacks for evening service.


I am going to buy some Cheetos Puffs for snacks.


I’m having a hard weekend — can’t wait till PSR tomorrow, however right now I’m watching the green mile

I’m glad to see you getting out. I know you’re struggling badly but there’s no law that says we can’t have a little fun in the midst of our suffering. I need to get out more too. Tomorrow I’ll be having breakfast out with my two sisters and my step-mom. Even at my worst, when I was in the hospital for 8 months, I used to get weekend passes to spend the weekend with my sister or my parents and we would go to restaurants or out to coffee or play tennis etc. Doing fun things is allowed!


Well I am staying in because of covid 19 and moved recently. So I can’t go to bible study. But when I visit my parents we have breakfast early, go out for coffee and tea, play golf at the local country club. I really enjoy my time spent with them. Last time I went, there was still the Corona virus scare, but they took me to a hair salon and I got my hair cut.

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