I once saw the image of Jesus in a piece of toast and I thought it told me, "Bless you, my son."

I had just drank two quarts of beer, taken 5 Vicodin, smoked four rocks of crack, shot heroin and had just woken up from spending the night in a crack house and I was barefoot because someone had stolen my shoes and my socks while I was asleep.

I told myself, "THAT’S IT. THAT’S TOO MUCH, enough is enough, I can’t take this anymore!

Tomorrow, I’m quitting toast forever."


You sound half serious. Which worries me somewhat.

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I used to watch Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Every now and then he would have on some different people who saw an image of Jesus on toast or a cracker or Jay Leno would have someone on who had a potato chip shaped like his head or a potato who had a face on it. I’m perfectly clean and sober by the way.

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Psychosis is weird :joy: I used to read messages in the clouds I thought were from God and the devil. Then i was worried the clouds were agents of the devil that would swoop down and take me to hell if I was left alone outside. Wild.

I don’t get many positive symptoms outside of the occasional doubting reality and the odd thinking someone is calling my name from another room.

Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to make sure I don’t have any of these bleed through symptoms.

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I saw Jesus floating and walking on air in mental hospital. He was shiny white and yellow. I thought I was the next Jesus. When I got home, I called 911 and told cops that jews will try to kill me bcz I am the next and last Jesus. They didn’t find it funny after hanging up on me many times, they said they will give me a fine for giving false information and wasting their time. Not funny now that I think about it.

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It’s funny–tragically funny.

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I feel embarrassed now when I think about what I did during psychosis.

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That was ten years ago. Do other people bring it up or are you the only one who worries about it?

I didn’t tell anybody, maybe my mother.

Well, problem solved! The main person who has to come to terms with it is you. It might embaress you but we all do embarressing rhings. Just accept you blew it and move on.

How you deal with it depends on your own perspective. You can beat yourself up over it or just accept that you were not in your right mind and it happened and you don’t do stuff like that anymore.

I remember when i first joined an sz forum. Anyways, the first thing i read was the toilet was talking to him story. I was like, really? He laughed about it anyways the op.

I saw Scooby Doo in my toast once. First thought was, “ruh roh!”

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I saw Fred Flintstone… First thought was Yabba Dabba Doo.

This isn’t my experience. But it was real.
A coffee shop in Nashville found Mother Teresa’s face on a cinnajmon roll and saved it in a glass case. It became famous. The nun bun. The store Had t - shirts made of it. It was on all things considered. Word got to India where M.Teresa and her people sent word to the coffee shop about the nun bun.

Nothing was allowed to be sold with her image on it. So they quit selling the tea shirts
During her last days she told her lawyer to keep track of the nun bun.

Some time later it was stolen from It’s glass case. That’s all the way I heard it.

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I never heard that story before. Interesting.

Stores just sell hot cross buns one time a year, at Easter time. Just a piece of bun trivia.

i was jesus. that was a trip and a half. jesus said i was just a wine sack, a vessel for his use. atleast thats what he told my parents when he took over my body/mind.

…yes i know ‘jesus’ was just a hallucination/delusion. my personality was completely different when that would happen it was the personality of ‘jesus’ except jesus kept calling everyone dummies because they didnt believe that jesus was now me. lol

even im confused after reading that

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