I never thought I would be harassed on this forum by a fellow sz

Needless to say, it was me who got flagged. I never thought I’d see on this forum a member openly deride another member because of his/her unusual beliefs/delusions. I know this is the reality of anonymous interactions online, but I also strongly believe that Internet does foster the conditions for constructing genuine digital communities such as this one. This should have been better moderated.

You know many ppl here wish that their meds work for them but you you just refuse getting better. They wish they had the chance you have. Its sad.

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Not interested in your inane and hypocritical morality. Please stay away from this thread.

Come on guys. Don’t act like babies

Others have no choice other than being delusional but you you chose to be delusional on purpose. Its sad.

Don’t make new threads to fight.

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