I need your opinion

Its about a issue I have been thinking about in the last months. I would like to move abroad to find a job, its because the economical situation in my country is complicated, and if i want to work i have to do it in other country.
My pdoc told me that it was a pretty bad idea, because it would place me in a stressful situation, i could get worse due to the new events, speaking a different lenguage, meet new people, new job, and so on. However, i have been getting better lately, i feel stable and able to do it. And its important to me trying to keep the most normal life i can and developing a work where i feel fulfilled.
What do you think? Is it just a imposible dream? Do I have to try?
I need your opinion


Impossible dream :frowning: Listen to your doctor. He knows the situation best.

I dont think its impossible but be very sure to weigh the pros vs. Cons. I will let you know now that it won’t be easy and the stress will definitely be a factor. But I believe that if you’re careful and determined you may be able to get it to work for you! I wish you luck!


I think it is something you are going to have to decide for yourself. If you do go abroad, don’t burn any bridges. Always have enough money in reserve to buy a ticket home.

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Thanks for replying. I will take in account your advices. I value them a lot.


That sounds like an immensely difficult thing to do, moving country for one things is a total change of environment, also you wont know anyone and you would need to learn a new language/culture,

On top of that you want to get a job, idk what it is like where you come from but if you cant get a job why don’t you help out in other ways, there is always things you can do.

and what if it all goes wrong? what would you do then?

sorry to rain on your parade but it sounds like a really hard thing to do even for a normal person.

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It could go either way for you but certainly weigh the advice of your pdoc with careful consideration.


Let me explain the situation, because I think I have told things in a very shallow way.
First of all, the worst that could happen is that I start to feel bad. In that case there is no doubt that he would go home. But it is not certain that this will happen. In fact, when I have been working I have improved. Maybe because my mind is occupied with something and I forget the problems.
On the other hand, I would not be completely alone, I have several friends there and they know me well, they are also helping me find a job.
In short, there is not as much risk as it seems, the language I have to speak there is English, so, I do not start from scratch.
All this, has made me consider the situation as something attainable. I know I’m sick but I do not want to limit myself. I have never stopped facing challenges in my life. And that’s what motivates me and alleviates my depression.
My doctor has warned me because it is his job, but if I decide to leave, he supports me and puts himself at my disposal, because he has seen me improve and believes that what I have done with my life should not have been so bad.
Even so, I’m scared.


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