I need to stop eating at night

I have been trying to change my diet and eat healthier. During the day I am perfect, 3 meals, balanced, healthy, etc. But at night I become ravenous and start badly craving fast food and have issues controlling these cravings. It’s like the healthy food I eat is not satisfying to me or like I am addicted to the fast food. I don’t know what to do :disappointed: I used to not eat lunch because I didn’t want to consume too many calories but I was told that could be contributing to my desire to eat unhealthy. So I started eating lunch again but now I just eat too much food and I’ll be gaining weight!! Any advice??

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I would say, if you’re havig cravings, it’s a sign you aren’t getting enough calories throughout the day. Maybe try eating much more of your healthy, balanced meals? And keep healthy, balanced snacks on hand?


Do you take your AP at night?

I ask because I do, and it makes me way hungry. It’s always a battle for me, to try and not give in and eat. I’m reading this book called “Brain Over Binge” by Kathryn Hansen (I’ve recommended it several times on this forum,) and it’s really helped me get my mind right around wanting to binge and how to avoid it.


Yeah also, make sure you actually eat! So you don’t get super hungry at night.

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I’m the same way @Anna.
Wish I had sound advice for you.

That’s probably it, I am always trying to diet and cut back on calories but then I’m ravenous at night and end up failing. The thing is I really do have to diet, I’m not at a healthy weight. I just have to learn how to fight these urges. Last night I successfully avoided getting fast food even though I wanted to but ended up eating bread and Oreos instead :disappointed:

Oh man when I was on seroquel it was so bad I would zombie eat all night long. But I’m not on it anymore and don’t take anything at night so I don’t think it’s med related.

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Maybe you would benefit from seeing a nutritionist who could recommend a more sustainable diet for you than your current one. Diets don’t work if you’re constantly in starvation mode.

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