Binge eating

I’ve been eating too much the last month or so, mainly at night. I saw my primary care doctor last Monday, and he said he would take me off the diabetes medication if I lost some more weight.

I weighed myself today and managed to lose a pound even with all the binge eating at night. Has anyone found a way to avoid it?

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I eat an apple for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with small portions of food. Apples are like 80 calories; if you drink a glass of water with an apple it expands in your stomach making you full. That’s 240 calories of apples a day. Breakfast maybe a 100 calorie yogurt or eggs. Dinner just calorie count and focus on proteins. Works for me when I wanted to binge eat. Good luck.


Abilify made me binge and purge

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i load up on produce in the evening because that’s when i have the urge to eat too much. i stretch it out and eat a little every hour or so, to make it last. i make sure to eat a large amount around 8 because that’s when cravings really kick in. i’ve been having problems with controlling my urges at that time, so i’ve thought about making part of my normal meals to be eaten that time. that way i’m not eating more, i’m just eating strategically.

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