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Is Spirituality Dangerous For us All as Diagnosed SZ (OR) SZA (???)… . … :purple_heart:

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I Mean it’s Not an Emergency to Get Thus Personal info From All of My Friends Here on Thus Amazingly Beneficial Site…,

But!, It Would Help Me With My Personal Conversation With The Paradigm Shift of a Higher Power. The Being Above The Stars. Ya’know (???)… . … :blue_heart:

Spirituality is wonderful to have, diagnosed or not… The honest love and truth it brings gives way to a light soul…

I don’t engage in anything to do with spirituality.

My view is that we will all have eternity to experience it. Why waste your life focusing on this if that’s all that could be left at the end.

Thanx 4 Tha Feedback @Itsme & @FadeToBlack (!!!).

Interesting And Delectable Comments (!!!)… . … :orange_heart:

I Am Curious…,

What Does it Mean to Experience Eternity (???)…,

Hasn’t it Already Started During Our Birth (???)… . … :green_heart:

Eternity is in the eye of the beholder, one day is a life time for some and those blessed with afterlife a day can be forever but it continues on no matter what just as each second follows the next second…

Could Yuu Esplain a Bit Further into Slightly More Simplistic Detail (???)… . … :purple_heart:

Only a person can say if there in eternity, a person locked in a dark room by themselves can be on there a day without any notion of time and it can feel like forever, where as a person counting seconds will find that time never stops and eternity is already started because it has no end

Doesn’t That Speculation Ignore The Comment I Made About Our Birth (???)… . … :orange_heart:

Once again depends on the individual, some think birth is a start where as other wise. We existed before we were ever created, in God so we have always existed…

Aren’t You Arguing With Yourself Though (???)… . … :blue_heart:

Nope, just notice different peoples opinions, cant have 1 without the other


O.k. Then…,

Thanx Guy’s For Another Inspiring Conversation… . … :blue_heart:

Do u remember me?

Thanx Again (!!!)… . … :purple_heart:

Would Anyone Else Like to Share Their Personal Metaphorical Wilderness in The Etching’s Among The Caverns of Their Pond’s of Cause And Effect Mirroring The Good, The Bad, And The Indifferent (???)… . … :blue_heart:


Your 0.1% Worth $999,999,999.99 (!!!)… . … :green_heart:

I Was Wondering, Pondering, Analyzing, Reflecting, Thinking, Consciously, Subconsciously, Digging, And Questioning, And Asking, And Examining, And Testing, And Etching, And Humming, And Speaking, And Singing, And Dancing, And Sipping on My Water…,

I Said, to Myself, (Perhaps), Or!, Perhaps to Something Beyond My Senses…,

I Said, ‘Why Do I Always Catch So Much Silence’?.

Wanna Know What The Response Was…,

NOTHING (!!!)…,


I Will Never Understand The Pearly Gates… . … :orange_heart:

Maybe Thus Will Help…,

Isn’t She Beautiful (???)…,

Like Fierce Angelic Radiance of Sparkling Ice And Sharp Fire (!!!)… . …

(!!!) ICE ||| FIRE (!!!) RARGH (!!!). Be Wary Traveler. Be Cautious.

The Forest is Sneaky… . … :green_heart: