I need to immigrate from Israel

Please help me to immigrate from Israel

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What is the matter?

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Israel could have helped me with a timely intervention,
but now it’s too late.
I hold Israel responsible for creating a terrible life for me.
I want to immigrate.
In particular I have lost decades of my life.


Where do u want to go Erez…?? U.S or Nepal…!!!


@far_cry0 I can’t go on my own.
I want to go to the US.


Same here erez

My sister is calling me to come to Australia but i cant go alone… i am scared man… be on meds it will help…

Apply for disability like @ola and @anon76219695 …

They both are from israel and they R talented as well…


You will need medical insurance in the US chess. I lived there for 8 years and had a relapse for 3 of those years and had no medical insurance when I relapsed. Medication is extremely expensive and even though I had a professional job teaching I could not get citizenship even though someone was willing to sponsor me and I had been residing there.

It is very difficult chess but if you have everything you need and a plan in place, go for it.

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