I need to go to Walmart

But I hate it there. Hoping it won’t be crowded.


I hear you. I’m putting off going to the store myself. Try to talk myself into it. :elephant::elephant::elephant:

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I just went. It wasn’t super crowded for a weekday afternoon but they did seem to be running low on kitty treats. I wiped the cart handles down with the disinfectant wipes they provided.

Not sure if some more of the self check-outs aren’t accepting cash.

I was glad I got a gallon of orange juice, some bananas and lots of herbal tea. I used Instacart at another store last week because I was home sick but it was pretty expensive.


I go to work Walmart in the morning. It’s not crowded

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My walmart is open 24-7. If you have one like that try going at 3am. I guarantee it wont be crowed

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That’s like hoping Mardi Gra won’t be crowded.

Maybe you’ll run into Paris Hilton shopping for walls.

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Thanks I am at Wal-Mart now. Buying a furnese air filter.dish soap. Oh look there having a pj party.

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