I need to apologize to my doctor

I kind of confronted my doctor yesterday and questioned my diagnosis that she gave me.
I basically lost trust I had in her and doubted her judgement.
This can’t be a good thing between patient and doctor.

I should not have questioned her better judgement.

I have the right to my opinion but I should never play doctor.

I crossed the line.

The bottom line is I feel the need to apologize.

I have her cell phone number that she gave me.

Should I text her an apology or talk with her over the phone?

Ugh… I really need to make this better.

If it would make you feel better to apologize,

Maybe you should text her or maybe you should put a message for her to call into the office.

I would do the office thing,

Seems more professional.

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It’s more courteous to do it over a call I’d say?

A text works if you write it really formally and she’s/he’s able to imagine the tone you’re speaking in,

Go with what’s comfortable (you could also not need to because the matter of the situation is that as a dr, they face a a lot of disagreement anyway - she/he might not have even been caught off guard by it at all


She doesn’t have a secretary or office @goldenrex
Do you think I can text her?

Would this be appropriate?

If she doesn’t have an office,

I guess texting is the best way to get in touch.

In that case,

I’d text her.

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Thanks @goldenrex i will text her.

Thanks @KushiDays


Good luck!!!

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Why do you need to apologise for questioning your diagnosis with her?

She probably respects you more for it !

Theres nothing wrong with a healthy debate !

Unless you were rude to her, i dont see why you should apologise

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best of luck with contacting your doctor… i hope you can apologize and feel better then.

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and yea like wallafish says it’s also possible it didn’t bother her that you questioned the dx… but if you feel bad about it then i’d try to tell her…

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Without getting into details, I said something that was a bit out of bounds.

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I sent her a text and feel a lot better about it.
I’m not expecting her to answer back.


good that you texted her… at least you can feel better now about it

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Thanks @Zannah @lekkerhondje and @Wallafish


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