I need tips to lower prolactin

I just got my blood works.
Turns out i have high prolactin,homoglobin and low vitamin D.
Doctor mentioned to talk to my pdoc.
He said my medication is causing the prolactin.
I take risperdal 4mg before bedtime.

How can i lower prolactin?

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I take 5mg risperidone, used to take 6mg. My prolactin is high and my testosterone is low. Dr didn’t care. I read high dose Vit b6 reduces prolactin.

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Does testerone lower prolactin?

The opposite, prolactin lowers testosterone.


Abilify is also said to lower prolactin.



Does exercising help prolactin?
How about fiber?
The doctor said prolactin slows down the metabolism.

I assume your a male. It might help to try and avoid foods that contain eostrogen promoting substances like soy products.

Increasing testostorone would be a solution if you weren’t on drugs. But when on drugs you risk a relapse when raising testostorone as it is connected with dopamine.

excercise can’t hurt. Vitamin B1 might help increase metabolism.

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Im a male.

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Docs don’t usually treat high prolactin levels unless they’re in multiples of 100. But even slightly raised levels have effects on body.
I had maybe 44ng/ml. It is not crazy high. But at that level it my pecs seemed big. Luckily no moobs. But those seemed like I do pushups. Later on I started experiencing mild pinching pain in pecs. Sexual dysfunction.
I took aripiprazole for maybe a week or two. Then stopped. I didn’t want to take two APs.

My prolactin levells are 20.71ng/ml

These are borderline high. I don’t know what protocol docs over your side follow. My doc would have ignored it.

Elyn Saks who is law professor at USC who has schizophrenia had levels of 130-140.

I took 5mg Abilify to lower prolactin and it did nothing to lower it.

This was on amisulpride though, so it might work for you

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Mine was 32.5 in last blood test. Testosterone 4.9, min normal value is 5.5.

Abilify lowers prolactin

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I wouldn’t normally say this but try a low dose of latuda. It was terrible in some ways for me but it briefly restored my manhood.

I am currently trying sport and different supplements to increase testosterone. I don’t think I can do much about the prolactin, it is coupled to the meds. I might buy @Aziz his idea: vitamine b6.
Many of my supplements I have tested have some sort of impact. I don’t know the right mix, I just tried everything and I prefer to feel normal for now, so I didn’t take any today. In regards to prolactin and testosterone it may be some of the following.

  • Cordyceps
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Zinkbisglycinat + L-Histidin
  • L-Arginin
  • Maca
  • Ginkgo
  • Ginseng

I don’t have much knowledge in that area I am just testing it out.

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If you are one a second Gen antipsychotics it’s worth considering Abilify 5 mgs because it has proven effects as aphrodisiac by lowering prolactin. But if you are on 1. Gen antipsychotics please keep away from Abilify because that there is a high probability for that it will worsen psychosis.

Exercising increases testosterone for sure. Don’t know if it lowers prolactin. Exercising is great. I highly recommend it. It doesn’t have to be like hours in a gym. It can be 4 minutes with low weight dumbells every now and then. I do it. Highly recommend it.