I Need Technical Assistance Please


I do not know if my tablet is possessed, lol, or if it is a setting on this site that I do not know how to fix, but I am hopingoing someone can fix it for me. I will type a word, continue typing, and look back and the word I type is not the word I wrote. I know it sounds strange, but for instance, or this post, I wrote hoping, and after I continued typing it typed hopegoing. Now I am not illiterate, I know what I wrote, and that was not it. I am taking a lot of time to fix these errors, now either I have a ghost or evil spirit playing with me, or it is something so simple as a setting that can be fixed. I would appreciate some help!
thanks, kitty


if it’s android it’s probably just on predictive text…so it types what it thinks you want to say rather than what you actually say. would love to help but i don’t have an android tablet …ask malvok or alien99. they should be able to help you. good luck x


My iPad does this too. It’s probably the tablet and not the site, Android or Apple. It’s either predictive typing or autocorrect. It can be annoying but it’s sometimes useful once you get used to it. Good luck.


I think it is most probably Auto Correction feature on expensive tablets.

But for the cheapest tablet in town (around $50, made in Cxxx), the touch screen sensitivity is so bad, and sometime the shadow of motion of my hand above the screen would actually trigger something.
The last experience with it was 2 years ago. The execution process was somehow jammed, then all of the sudden, it popped up a Google search by itself, and type something like “angel 666”. It did scare me with those demonic related search result. I immediately ‘disown’ the tablet, I think I gave it for free to somebody.


Lol “The power of Google compels you.”


My phone is an android and sometimes this happens. Not hitting the space key in between words may be contributing.