I need summer in my life

My mood is lifted so much by a bit of the sun, vitamin d; just want to be laid in my garden with a book and a can of Coke soaking in the sun… I’m just so excited, only a few months to go


Here’s our weather for the next week or so…

Is that in Fahrenheit ?

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You should move to California. It’s been sunny and warm enough to lay out the last couple of days. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Man that would be the dream

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Were fairly warm here, the real cold temps are gone it seems, another month of cooler temps. summer my house gets to 100f, I will be complaining but will love it


I just want a bbq in all honesty, mmmm bbq chicken

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I feel the same. Everything is so much easier in the sun. Can’t wait!! I hope to go on a holiday somewhere


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