I have some 5mg Abilify. Should I take them?

I’ve been taking 10mg Abilify since last summer, but I have some 5mg pills left with refills on them. I’ve been having symptoms lately, and was thinking of taking 15mg of Abilify. I emailed the psychiatrist’s assistant tonight asking if I could do this. Should I take the 5mg anyway? The symptoms are bothering me.

We can’t be doctors so you understand that…but. If your suffering and you’ve done it before I don’t see any major issues. I think it becomes a problem when you try to do it yourself without any experience with changing the doses. I know the mental health system is under the pump but If you’ve done this before I think it would be ok…but you need to let your doctor know you’ve done it which you have tried to do.

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Thanks rogueone.

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I don’t have any experience with 15mg Abilify. I’m going to try and wait if they call or email me back. It’s just keeping me awake right now. The weather my be bad tomorrow, so I don’t know if my care provider will be open.

I’ll try the emergency line tomorrow if they aren’t open.

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My case manager quit maybe a month or two ago, and I haven’t been assigned a new one. The nurse no longer works there too, and they are going nuts trying to cover for her. I just with things were back the way they were.

yea try to get in contact with your pdoc. i wouldn’t do it before he/she has been advised.

The psychiatrist’s assistant emailed me back, and I have a 9:15 appointment with Dr Smith Thursday. I’m leaving the TV set turned off and hoping they stop messing around with my front door.

I just have to hang in there until Thursday. I’m afraid of the psych ward though.

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