I need help 😢

I think everyone is out to get me. Found out Klonopin and caffeine do not work well with each other. I’m tired of illness I need a break. Probably going to bed early tonight.

Anyone got neighbor experience post here.


My neighbours are pretty quiet, but when they do talk and I can hear them through the walls, I just play music on my Bose Quietcomfort 20s, or if I’m trying to sleep I just wear earplugs and cover my head with a pillow, or go to a different room.


I hate seeing you suffer like this, @roxanna.

Maybe going to bed early is a good plan,

Just start fresh tomorrow.


Just try to listen to music to calm down. And yes it’s best to sleep early


Thanks I will try some things.

I think I’ve asked this before, but can you and your bf move to an upstairs apartment so you won’t hear neighbors as much? It’s been a while since I lived in an apartment, but I remember that living below someone was typically noisier than living above someone.


I asked him that already he won’t do it.

Maybe tell him you need to move to an upstairs apartment rather than asking?


Why the hell not? I don’t understand. If it would be healthier for you, then he should be willing. Does he know the extent of your suffering? Or maybe it’s because upstairs apartments are more expensive? Can you guys move to a place where upstairs apartments are cheaper?


When is your lease up?

He’s put holes in doors. He thinks everything is in my head. People would yell anyway. I’m going to leave if it gets too bad

Haven’t had a new lease since my first one expired.

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I was going to leave packed clothes erv…I guess I have to face it.

You really need a saner living situation.


Yes, honestly I think it’s best that you leave. Is there anyone you can stay with?


I pray for you everyday @roxanna.


Maybe write a letter to the neighbors bothering you and try to clear the air and make peace and tell them you just want to be left alone and that you will stop bugging them if they stop bugging you. People can be pretty forgiving and nobody really wants to be enemies with their neighbors. Your home is your fortress of solitude where you want to relax and recuperate from the struggles of life outside and recharge your batteries so you can face the world again.
Having feuds with neighbors is non-productive for everybody involved. Having a feud with a neighbor is physically and mentally draining, it takes too much energy that could be used in better ways.
How do I know all this? Because I’m having a feud with a neighbor, lol. The guys upstairs are making my life harder. A counselor suggested writing a letter to make peace and make clear that I just want to be left alone and tape it to their door. I wrote a letter a week ago but I haven’t given it to them. A sudden change in the dynamics means I have to amend my letter. It might not be a good thing for you to do, I can’t really tell.

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My bf yelled at me this am. No one’s following me around no one is cursing at me and most of all people have lives to live. Got followed ftom kitchen to bedroom. Nevermind that’s a hallucination.

Klonopin.or no Klonopin?

@roxanna You’ve got to get out of there, especially if your bf keeps deciding that he wants to be a dick. My thoughts are that you probably are hearing your neighbors, but that your mind is misinterpreting that noise. Like a functional hallucination. Please stay safe. I really want you to feel better.


I’ve hallucinated my neighbors before, that’s how my hallucinations started. If you don’t have the insight to know they’re hallucinations then you need to work on that. It seems real and can make you paranoid but if your so deep into the psychosis that you can’t tell real from not real you should really try to get on an AP that works for you.

Maybe try to stay somewhere else for a day or to and see if the voices follow.

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