I need help too

As soon as my partner is woken up she is over at her parents. But according to my mother in law she cleans with out help. Which is a load of BS.

I’m expected to clean the apartment by myself and care for their animals. They got a bearded dragon that they won’t clean up his poop or feed him his bugs. We pay for everything when it comes to their cats. They just think since they got them they shouldn’t have to care for them.

Sorry for rant

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hey when you gotta rant, you gotta rant


Trooper and Lola


This is a good place to blow off steam. Rant all you want.

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At this point I want to tell you to give the animals away. If your in laws give you crap about it say you didn’t want them to begin with and if they weren’t going to care for them you had to find someone who would. It is completely unfair of them to dump that responsibility on you, I know caring for pets can be hard work especially to someone with debilitating illness.

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What does your partner say when you bring it up to her?

She agrees, we love the cats and we hope if and when we move we can take them with us because they will be severally neglected if they stay here. It’s just ridiculous they call their cats their little girl’s but she does nothing for their care besides pet them for while.

The bearded dragon is sometimes taken care of by my partner’s aunt but she doesn’t clean up his poop and she doesn’t pay for anything