I need help in this

Does anyone know a word, when someone does repetetive thing…
Like the person continously looks at the finger, or the person moves the shoulder, and that person does that with out noticing, but if the person keep i. Its mind he will not do it?

I want to know what its called, so that i can do some research.

You might call that compulsive behavior - when someone just has to do something, usually repeatedly, when there are good reasons not to.


Thanks for reply, is there any slang word to that?

Stim or tics? Autistic children stim to calm down. Very close to obsessive behavior.

Is it involantary it is prop tics. If there is a what-if thought it is OCD. If it is repeated over and over until it feels right it is stim.

I can’t think of any, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t slang terms for it.

there is also stereotypy…

It’s basically ongoing compulsive movements…