I need an easy supper

Next week while the kids are here I’m going to be gone for Tuesday and Wednesday supper due to appointments in the big city. On tuesday I’ll get the kids sub fixings. But I can’t think of what to make on Wednesday. Maybe fish or chicken fingers and tater tots. They should be able to deal with that.
Any other ideas?

What about pork chops or hamburgers and fries.

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I would go with spaghetti :spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti:

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I am horrible with cooking - feels really complicated. One thing i make family loves is chicken wraps.
I bake frozen chicken strips and cut red pepper, tomato, onion. And also packaged shredded lettuce, packaged shredded cheese. Put out wraps and mayo, hot sauce etc. People can put strips (cut up or not) on a tortilla wrap and add what they want. They love it and it’s no work or multitasking.


What about a chicken stir fry with noodles or pasta, usually only takes me an hour to rustle up

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I don’t think my kids could make that

Might be a stretch to get the kids to make it

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@FatMama, all this time, I thought you cooked for your kids!

@FatMama I’m with @GrayBear make them up a pot of spaghetti, you know they love it and it’s always great left over.


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