Hmm I don't know about supper


I feel kind of like I should make supper tonight and get supper take out Saturday. Ì know that will put me over my budget. I hate budgeting but it is very important during Christmas season. It’s so easy to spend.

So here’s a quick poll

  • Make a tuna casserole
  • Get take out today and Saturday
  • Put a few mini pizzas in the oven
  • Let the kids make their own supper

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I think I am making spaghetti.

Good luck whatever you decide. :four_leaf_clover:


Tuna casserole sounds good to me.


I made a chicken stew yesterday. Have padded it out with rice on the side


take a night off. let the kids make something for themselves for once. if it were me I’d probably just throw in a pizza or frozen dinner if mom wasn’t cooking


I made my spaghetti with meat sauce. It’s too hot to eat so I am letting mine cool.

Hope you guys had something yummy.

Tomorrow I will grill steaks or fry pork chops. Haven’t decided yet.


@TomCat we just finished off two seperate cookings of spaghetti…next gazpacho !!


Mmm. That looks great!


Chunky soup and toast. We’re both down with a cold and I’ll be doing well if I get the dishwasher loaded before bed. Ugh.


I had chili tonight. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:


Toast some toast. Slather with pizza sauce and favorite toppings and chuck into the oven for a few. Cheap and tasty.


Made spinach and cheese raviolis for dinner. And a cup of hot cocoa afterwards.


Did you make them from scratch? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


No they were frozen. I just boiled and toasted them.:blush:


How dare you… just joking. :unamused::unamused::unamused:


Had a grilled chicken club with half and half onion rings and fries from a local place. Haven’t had much of an appetite so i ate a quarter of the sandwich and all the onion rings. Figure i’ll eat more at 10 oclock when i take my meds. I have to eat with the Latuda anyways.


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