I miss taco bell

I never went much but I always wanted too. Now I’ve lost my chance to get any more locos tacos cause Taco Bell hasn’t made it to Portugal. Maybe in 10 years, I hope

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Gosh Taco Bell :taco: :bell:?? :nauseated_face: Yuck!!! If I’m going for fast food Mexican food I get qdoba every time. Love qdoba. Don’t love chipotle though. I prefer authentic sit down Mexican restaurant though. Where I’m from, Taco Bell is attached to KFC. If I’m gonna go there I’m gonna get KFC not Taco Bell.

I once ate like 11 taco bell tacos in one sitting. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments


taco bell is dope they are everywhere where I live I used to go to taco bell with the people I used to skateboard with like everyday and get the beefy nacho griller and a take all the fire sauces that they have I bet they hated us


lol me and my neighbor used to go to the Taco Bell KFC a lot and I’d get KFC, he’d get Taco Bell. We’d go to the drivethrough. He would say “extra hot sauce please”. She said “fire sauce or KFC sauce”. He’d say BOTH! She’s give us Like 20 of each. We never had to buy bottles of hot sauce lol it was awesome. They didn’t seem to mind giving us a ton of those packets of hot sauce.


Taco Bell isn’t the healthiest of choices but if you want to indulge then go right ahead.

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@Moonwalker @Goyankees @exhile @korieve @sigarino

maybe it would be funnier if you knew that sometime after this recording Tyler Joseph went on to found Twenty One Pilots a band that just won their first Grammy

Being from Vegas I miss all the little taco shops. Roberto’s, Fausto’s, Los Tacos III, Pepe’s… Mmmhhmmm. I miss all you can eat sushi places too. Out here in Michigan I spent over eighty bucks taking a girl out for sushi. If I would of known the beers were ten bucks a piece I wouldn’t have ordered them.

Cmon @moonwalker. Portuguese food is amazing. I had a Portuguese girlfriend and spent some time in Portugal.


Oh the mysteries of everhopeful are unraveling!!! :wink:

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lol shows blank but not sure if you meant to do that. You get a like anyways. But seriously I think your anonymity is cool :sunglasses: I like the mysterious of everhopeful. But now we know you spent time in Portugal which is a cool tidbit of information about you, that’s all.

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Oh now I see it!!! Haha :joy:

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In my city we don’t have a Taco Bell, we have a Taco Time. I love the food at Taco Time, speaking of that, maybe I’ll go there today.

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I make mexican food at home :house_with_garden:
I am certain you can find ready made kits at the supermarket. I like one called oldelpaso

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Me too I make tacos all the time, sometimes every week

I make it but do not eat it :frowning:️:flushed: Lol
But it is easy good food so i have never been to taco bell or seen it here

They don’t have taco meat seasonings here so I use chili seasoning packet for the meat


They don’t have sour cream so I use plain Greek yogurt

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I get my lunch at Taco Bell almost every time I work, since there is one right around the corner. I used to hate their food, but I’ve come to love it. I don’t care for authentic Mexican food, just Taco Bell and what I make at home. I normally go for a beef quesarito or a chipotle chicken griller and a loaded potato griller. Beats McD’s, in my opinion.