I miss sitting around a campfire

just playing guitar with friends camping. Haven’t seen a camp fire for going on over two decades…dangit.

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No problem. All you need is a little lighter fluid and your neighbors bushes. I say your neighbors cause you wouldn’t want to accidentally light your own house on fire. Too risky.


I have a large pile of firewood coming in two weeks. Can’t wait to use it in our fire pit in the backyard this summer. I’m grateful that no one with a guitar can get into my yard to torture me while I’m having a fire, though.



I went camping once during my life. We started a campfire and roasted weenies. We tried playing a board game but got covered in moths because of the candles we were using. Like 100 of them flew into the candles and died so eventually we gave up trying lol.

If I had known it would end up being a memorable life experience I would have tried harder to enjoy it.

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I’ve gone camping numerous times, but none lately. I remember roasting marshmellow when we were kids one time and my cousing had a flaming marshmellow blow off his stick and on to his nose.

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I used to go to my friends shop in the country in Oklahoma. It was next to national forest. It wasn’t really camping, but we’d shoot guns, sit around a fire, eat deer meat, hike, and fish. I haven’t slept in a tent though in a while. I have a camping trip planned for May but idk. I’ve done a decent amount of camping in my life. I think it’s a pretty normal thing to do in Arkansas.

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