Do You Go Camping

I used to camp a lot, as a kid in cubs and boy scouts, as teen to go fishing and party, never go anymore, think I might this summer, go somewhere to camp


I have not been camping for years. Now days if I feel like camping. I turn off all the lights and go sit outside under the stars. I have a place for a small fire, and even have a bonfire already built and ready to be lit.


I used to go camping when I was a kid. I basically liked to camp. Camping reminds me of the nomads, people who had no permanent home, so they kept moving from place to place. Remember George Carlin’s “a place for my stuff” routine?: “A house is simply a place to keep your stuff. If you didn’t have so much stuff you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all day.” Sort of like camping.


I used to go backpacking, but I can’t do that any more. Antipsychotic medication ruins my body’s temperature regulation mechanisms. It doesn’t have to get very hot or very cold, and I am getting in trouble because of the weather - heat stroke in the summer and hypothermia in the winter. It’s really too bad because there is a wilderness area not far from where I live.


The last time I went camping was 6 years ago in the desert. I will dig up some pics.

I can not find pics of the desert but damn - I have not changed a bit in this last 6 years =)