Upstairs about to hurt me

The female keep looking at my apt door.i happened to be looking out . They’re planning on getting me harmed.paper bags full of stuff.

Could they maybe just have come back from grocery shopping or something?

Yeah. My idiot mind thinks everyone is out to get me. I still want to go to Georgetown

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Haldol is not working.

You’re not an idiot, just seem to be struggling a bit. When can you see your pdoc next to possibility review your meds?

I could go to crisis but idw to

November 16


They’ve got a Hitman on me. I can’t go outside.

Do you have any support people (friends or family) that could come over?

I live with my bf. He says don’t worry

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Your boyfriend is right @roxanna. There’s nothing to worry about. Maybe try to distract yourself with music or something.

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Heard ho thru ceiling.

I wish Conor would come and get me.

Stood above me talking ■■■■.

Guess I’ll hit forty worrying. Everyone callsmegay and whorebitchslut

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