I’m thinking about doing something

I’m debating on dying my hair some shade of brown with semi-permanent dye. My hair is currently blonde and I’m kind of bored of it

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I say go for it!


I won’t say Yay or Nay, as I think you would look great if you kept your hair blonde or went a different color :+1:.

I recently started getting professional highlights after a manic-phase box highlight disaster (my hair turned a lovely shade of orange :sob: :rofl:).

It’s like, okay looking I guess, but the root maintenance and toning is kind of a pain to be honest.

So I would say: Do what makes you happy, makes you feel comfortable and confident, but just keep the maintenance aspect in mind :sweat_smile:.


I like your hair how it is @Human , but if you want to make a change for something different thats cool too.

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Thanks you guys @TheCanuk @Schztuna @Bowens

I decided to go for it but I left some blonde spots (on purpose)

Here’s the brown color I chose, I’ll post a photo of it finished when I get the chance