Hair color ideas- opinions?

So I’m thinking about dying my hair for my birthday… I’m thinking something like these.
Yay or nay?



I think it would look nice on you!

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I like the last picture the best…good luck.

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Yes! Balayage is lovely, I want it done too.

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Yea. I think that style and colour would look good on you.

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You should do a fashion color.

I did it last year and it’s so fun.

Every little bit you can change the color to whatever you want.

It’s really great.

I use oVertone.


Lol that looks like a $1000 haircut. Its really nice tho i will say

I dont know anything about hair but looks like it has a lot of layering

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Girl that color looks good on you!

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I like the depth of color in the first one. You would look great like that

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What do you mean by fashion color?

Oh gosh… well I am definitely not trying to spend a thousand dollars😳

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I haven’t had my hair professionally dyed in like 11 years!


An unnatural color.

Like blue, purple or orange.

Your light hair would be perfect for it.


Oh okay, I should have assumed.

I would love to do a wild color but my husband is paying for me to get my hair done and he hates when I do anything like that

Oh, Human.

Your husband is controlling.

He’s not paying for it, it’s both of your money.

You’re married right?

And who gives a ■■■■ whether or not he likes it,


Sorry, not trying to be a jerk,

It’s just that every time you talk about your husband it seems like he’s doing something messed up.

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Is your current hair processed?

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Lolol it’s okay.

I mean I do want the hair color of those pictures I posted- so it’s not like he’s totally controlling what I get done at least

No it is not…



You are very blonde.

That’s impressive.


Your current hair is beautiful and I wouldn’t mess with it too much.

But I understand wanting a bigger change.

Especially after having a baby.

When I had my baby I cut off about a foot of hair.

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Yeah, definitely… and I think it’s just good lighting in that photo cause my hair is seriously trying to start turning brown at the top🙃 idk if it’s from having the baby or just not much sun or what… so I definitely want something to liven it up…

Thank you😄