Companies discriminating against sz symptoms rather than the illness itself?

I’ve always wondered, it’s tough for me to find work. Do companies get away with discriminating against symptoms of mi and not necessarily the diagnosis itself? You may never be the ideal candidate because of your symptoms. It’s unfair to not get a job because you hear voices during the interview or don’t have the right qualifications cuz you’ve been in the psych ward the last five years in and out. Sometimes I feel I won’t be able to ever prove myself at work because the symptoms make it hard to get the job rather than the diagnosis itself? I felt this way especially when a job opened up at my volunteer place and they didn’t even consider me for candidacy.

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I push constantly on Linked In for more companies to hire on the disabled, since we still have a long way to come in that area. But if you feel the need to give information, maybe after you’re hired, then you can’t be discriminated against. As far as getting in the door goes, I would get yourself marginally well before interview and not anticipate any trouble. You may need job coaching from voc rehab, they are good at that.

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I would not disclose…


I’ll reiterate what Daze said by advising you to get in touch with your local vocational rehabilitation office.

I just had an appointment with them today. They do help with some costs of school, but they certainly prepare you for work.

You will get there! Keep trying!

You do not have to disclose your MI to your Employer, not unless you need Accommodations, and I still would try to avoid telling them about your SZ or SZA.

I was discriminated against big time, and it was for disclosing my bipolar disorder, not SZ.

They (My Employer and some Employees) first harassed me, then my Employer tried transferring me out to another building, I had to fight coming back through producing some doctors notes etc…

Stigma exists even among corporations (Employers) … Sad but True.

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