I’m sorry .how are you?updates?

Hi there!:hibiscus:

I apologise for not “checking up on you guys”.

Such as asking “how are you, updated etc”.

There are many profiles I have not seen active for a while and sometimes I do not remember the names but miss seeing youzzz around.

My memory is pretty bad sometimes.

I hope you are doing well.

I mainly vent and blabber a bit .

My mans friend had cancer and I just wondered how he is going and that we should check up on him.

It is nice to care for each other and try to be helpful to each other.

As said I can’t remember all the name and lots of profiles have changed their names which is confusing perhaps.

Another loved one is feeling a bit in the dumps depressed and I do not know what to do but write nice words encouragement.

Anders used to take me for a dip n jog and he was there for me when I was down but I was not there for him but others were steering me and I was not my self and had voices etc back then and was not myself and destructive etc

Love :two_hearts: to you guys and I’m sorry if I have not been “checking up on you “

Sometimes I have asked how you are etc but not often does not mean I do not care or appreciate or love :sparkling_heart:

Wishing you well.



I had a friend I chatted with daily .
I hope we are still friends in spirit.
I had another couple of friend I wrote letters with .

I do not have friends now except two Facebook friends as such.

Schizophrenia may have contributed to my losing friends.

I like to think I have friends in spirit and I think I had a spirit care worker who helped me do daily tasks.
And I may of been one and had one …


I had a good day today. I want to watch a box match tonight at midnight. Can’t wail hahahhh
edit: a boxing match and i can’t wait not wail lolos

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Waiting for depakote to kick in. Doctor said give it two weeks. I’m in desperate need for this med to work otherwise I have to change meds again


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