I’m singing with an angel

Just made this song. Not sure what to think yet :thinking:


Here’s the lyrics to follow along:

I’m singing with an angel

Living with this danger

I’m no stranger to the game or

Deranged in the anger

I’m balanced with my fury

A talent in this way you won’t ignore me

I’m singing with an angel

Singing with an angel

But We don’t collect dust

That shits just nuts

I made mistakes

Figured out it’s just this grace

I need to succeed

Let go of the things you can’t control

See I take poetry

And I read it

Then I need it when I live it

Escape from the bondage

But it’s not freedom


Just the calmest

But I need em

To die slowly in their plight

I’m nobly at least alright

But I also might

Have a horrible disposition

I’m living it it’s scary

It’s sorry

It’s hairy

My situation

In the jar he

Gets tons of weed

It’s what I need

Purple hairs

Grind it up

I wasn’t aware

But in time I love

The people of planet earth even if they give me problems

Problems. U got an issue u try and solve em

Not dissolve em

Evolve with the pen

You’re going over the bend

To insanity

Such a calamity

Damnit G.

It ain’t about the fame or

But singing with an angel

I met a lady she was so fine

A dime

In time

She’s mine

I’d like to put tingles up her spine

She’s proof of the divine

I’m in the booth with the rhyme

Spitting truth like I’m

Less inhibited because of wine

But it’ll delude you

Confuse you

If you abuse booze

And you happen to be crazy

I wasn’t lazy

Just wanted to be singing with this lady

I don’t care bout nothing else

I’m lovin this

Way I waited for

This r&b singer yeah she’s no whore

I don’t know her name

But she’s got a strength a power in her voice I claim

The same thang

It’s years of struggle

Years of strife

I juggle these ways I love her

Game of life

I hate her I wanna cut her throat…. With a knife

In tunes of truths

I’m no mute I hoot on the mic

I’m singing with an angel and it just feels right


@littlecrocodal this is a good one bro :sunglasses: hate me or w.e. This song expresses it all well IMo.

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I don’t hate you bro


Why do you think that? lol

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I like it bro.

From the heart.

That’s why i like it

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It’s cool don’t worry :sunglasses: :wink: I know you don’t hate me. That’s why I said or whatever.

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Sorry for our riff tho

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Yes. My bad there, sorry ma man

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You don’t have to apologize

Just maybe you should post your discord tag so I can add you as a friend again lol :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: :triumph: :joy:

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It’s ok. @littlecrocodal you don’t have to we can just be friends here :wink:

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I love the lyrics. Great job!

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I wouldn’t know who you were if it weren’t for your avatar :wink:

Maybe there’s some clues I shoulda picked up on but I still probably wouldn’t be able to tell

Well don’t worry you’re fine without your tagline saying who you are :wink:

Your privacy is the most important;)

Peace :v:!!

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Sorry about the tagline @Jonnybegood . I’ve been really paranoid lately. Thanks for the kind words

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Is there still a way to invite people to threads without tagging them??

Well @egofree and @Cragger check this one out

I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite song I’ve ever made

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